An anniversary in particular must be fully aligned with the sense of corporate tradition in order to emotionalise the identity and image of a brand in equal measure. The two-part series of events began with a staff event that reviewed the past century in a friendly and celebratory atmosphere. From the boat trip to the themed islands of the 20s, 50s, 70s, 90s and 2000s to the joint look into the company's future, the participants were surprised with a variety of special features. Udo Lindenberg and Nina Hagen doubles provided nostalgia before flight simulators and robots created a futuristic ambience. The second event was aimed at Holmberg's loyal customers. A capella bands, dancers and showmen led the participants along the history to the vision of the company. 

TIPI am Kanzleramt

The TIPI am Kanzleramt, to be found at Berlin-Tiergarten, is the ideal venue for events of all kinds.The theatre room with up to 550 seats, where food can also be served, and a large stage is ideal for larger events with a stage programm.  The adjoining rooms and the outdoor area open up even more design possibilities, which we were also able to use at this event to make the anniversary a special event for the participants.

2-day Event 

The special feature of this event was not only the complex design of the "journey through time", but also the fact that this anniversary was hosted twice.
Two different events were organised, each a few days apart, in order to celebrate "100 years of Holmberg" first with the employees and then with the customers. This division also made it possible to respond perfectly to the particular requirements of each occasion.


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