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We have held over 800 events over the last few years - both in Germany and abroad. We always keep pace with the times, and have all the knowledge we need to create something classic.

Climate neutral event marketing

Climate neutral event - sustainable CO2 balance

Acting sustainably has become a social responsibility for all of us. We take it as part of our job to keep the carbon dioxide emission as low as possible when planning and implementing an event. In addition to supporting forestry and agroforestry climate projects to improve social, economic and environmental conditions, we aim to only use local products in catering and avoid unnecessary print, plastic and single use products.

Do good and talk about it!

The support of selected climate-protection projects comes with a label: "Climate Neutral Event/ Trip" - and can be used on all means of communication. The climate label can be used in many ways during the run-up to the planned event.
Participants may receive a "Climate Neutral Event/ Trip" certificate if they wish. 

How is this implemented?

A well-founded carbon footprint forms the basis for a successful climate protection concept. The carbon footprint records the CO2 emission, which is caused by an event or a project. It provides valuable information about the respective climate impact and serves to develop an effective climate protection strategy.
CO2 emission that cannot be further reduced can be compensated with the purchase of certificates which finance a well documented support of climate protection programs. We take pride in ensuring that the projects not only lead to ecological but also a social benefits. This is demonstrated by selected standards and is permanently monitored by independent third parties.
The additional costs are surprisingly low in relation to the overall budget of an event. We will be happy to advise you on how we can implement your event in a sustainable and climate-neutral way.


Blending a vision with what's feasible, combining emotions with technology and organisation, achieving sustainable goals - our event concept is the foundation of everything we do. Our years of experience and our structure play a huge role in our ability to provide you with an overview of various ways to design and implement your event. In the following concept phases, we always look more closely at the details and challenges until we can present you with a final concept that encapsulates the character of your event vision and takes your budget into account, complete with a transparent cost structure.


To always know exactly where you stand - that’s our requirement for successful production, and therefore a successful event. The initial production phase isn’t too different from the initial planning phase for a building or a professional film production. Construction/directing plans, telephone lists, agreement from all parties involved, establishing delivery and set-up times, coordinating with staff - all of this flows together in the planning stage before anything is actually carried out. To put it another way: choreography, orchestration, conducting and improvisation. A great event is like a great orchestra, playing together.

Event design

Event design is a mosaic, where each part contributes to the final, impressive image. From colour design for the table decorations to the stage programme and a lighting concept to complement the various phases of an event, event design is an important part of making a harmonic, spectacular event.


Consultation is very important, especially in the initial concept and planning phase. It relies heavily on our experience, and on the expertise of our network of colleagues. What is needed to suit the event, the budget, the location and the target group’s expectations? How do the individual building blocks fit logically into the concept as a whole, and how can these be optimised to achieve the best value for money? Can we leave something out in order to make another aspect more impressive? These are the questions we discuss with you, always on hand to offer our advice. This close and personal collaboration with our customers is just one of the ways we guarantee a well-rounded concept and a successful event.

Trust in our skills

Anyone tasking someone else with their incentive, gala or product presentation must be able to trust this other party. This requires trust in sound, professional advice, in careful planning, in conscientious, smooth implementation and transparent billing. We have developed our range of skills based on our extensive experience in event conception, planning, implementation and follow-up.

At your side with sound advice

When we plan and prepare an event with you, we apply this knowledge. Our team knows every trick in the book, and will be at your side with their eye for the spectacular and unexpected. We would relish the opportunity to use our skills, collected over many years and countless events, to plan and implement your event.


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