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Hybrid Event: The Format

What Exactly Are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are a mix of analogue and digital events. Ideally, face-to-face events are recorded by experienced television technicians and then are made available to a global community via livestream. Therefore, viewers can attend the hybrid event directly on site or regardless of their location via the internet. This does not only apply to the participants, but the keynote speakers can be integrated with much less effort too. This leads to a high degree of flexibility in the event design. In addition, the digital nature of the hybrid format creates possibilities for new forms of interactive exchange.


How Do Hybrid Events Work?

The production of a hybrid event can be compared to the production of a TV-Show. However, unlike the traditional television formats hybrid events are often designed in a  more interactive way. Online and live participants share the same possibilities and experiences. Intuitive platforms are created for online participation, through which anyone interested could take part in the hybrid event. When, which pictures are transferred to whom is contrroled by the directors. This results in a wide range of design options, that enable you to always connect to a matching group.

Hybrid Events: The Advantages

Hybrid Events: The Interaction

What Does Interaction Look Like in the Digital Space?

Participants play a key role when it comes to the success of a marketing event. Therefore, they must be actively integrated into an event and must not get lost in the digital space. For the purpose of activating and connecting the participants a wide variety of tools can be used. These includes break-out rooms, image and chat platforms, polls, games and quizzes. These tools not only help with the previously mentioned interaction and connectivity among the participants, but also with the creation of various and diverse content. The tools are designed flexibly so that they can be completely modified according to the purpose of the company's identity. However, above all they have to be intuitive to use so that the build-up of excitement is not interrupted by unnecessary barriers.

How the Content Should Be Designed?

Digital and hybrid events take place on the internet. As with any other online presence, the principle of "content is king" applies here as well. Texts, images, video and audio files have to be informative, humorous or entertaining. Anything else, that does not create any value for the participant leads to a loss of attention. Therefor, it is important to ensure that there is some variety at appropriate intervals. What is appropriate for a certain audience can, of course, be varied. However, in general a block of topics should be worked through in about 45-60 minutes. Regular breaks are also very important. Between the presentations and breaks, there should always be interaction parts and show acts to keep all participants entertained.

Hybrid Events: The Technology

What Is Important ?

To catch up with viewers, technical and content sequences must be symmetrical without any gaps. The Basis for this is a suitable infrastructure, which consists of the right location and high-standard technology. State-of-the-art equipment ensures sharp images, a flawless sound and error-free transmission. audio+frames has compiled packages of the needed technology, that contains light, microphones and cameras, to make sure that the connected actors are able to participate without any faults.The fluent interaction between the speakers and the actors on venue, as well as the integration of recordings and presentations, has to be planned precisely.This also brings up the question of how to record visual and audio material. The design possibilities are numerous. Please contact us and we will work out a concept, that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

team hybrides event

How Do We Implement This?

We work hand in hand with our technical partner, audio+frames, to work out hybrid event concepts. The "how" begins with picturing a the conceptualised dramaturgy and the big picture. Directors develop scenic processes that closely mimic interactive television formats. They create excitement and encourage the participants to take part. Additionally, the above-mentioned interactive tools enable a continuous activation and networking of all participants. Furthermore, all emotions of the live event are transported into the digital world by using effective camera perspectives. This is made possible all by state-of-the-art video and LED technology, which not only expands the design range, but also creates a new framework for experiences. In the end, we rely on experiences from adventure-oriented event production as well as lighting, sound and image technology to achieve the success we hope for in a hybrid event.

Hybrid Events: Our Competences

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Let Us Convince You by Our References!

93rd Congress of the DGN

November 2020 marked the 93rd anniversary of the Congress of the German Society of Neurology. This time, the discussions, presentations and interactions took place entirely virtual. The aim was to transfer the live experience to the digital space as far as possible and to create a feeling of unity despite the distance. To achieve this, our technical team from audio+frames built a high-resolution LED wall as studio background and integrated state-of-the-art graphics systems. In addition, experienced camera and direction technicians attended the event and managed to capture and share all the emotion.

Smart Country Convention

The Smart Country Convention unites drivers of innovation from politics and science. Together they look at strategies, solutions and the latest trends around the digitization of public institutions.
Physically separated, but united in their motivations, the speakers and participants of this year's convention met virtually. With high-resolution LED walls as studio backgrounds and state-of-the-art camera and control room technology, our partner for all technical matters, audio+frames, was able to fully utilize the possibilities of the digitalization.

What Defines Us as an Event Agency

Every time we come to Berlin or Dusseldorf, we prefer to work with the event agency GPM. Their knowledge and expertise is always very helpful and has saved us time and money, as well as always giving us very good feedback from clients.

Manuel Roldan, CEO ECIS (European Conference & Incentive Services, SL)


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