We make your products and messages into lasting experiences

The focus of our work lies on incentives, conferences and tailor-made activities for a range of target groups and content. We are an event agency with the know-how needed for events on the international stage, and have excellent local knowledge about Berlin and Dusseldorf.


Incentives are excellent ways to promote motivation and loyalty among your staff, clients, partners and other important multipliers. The venue, network and availability are all decisive factors – make use of our incentive experience!



If you want your event to be a real highlight, a gala is the way to go. The perfect gala should be stylish, glamorous and designed with excellent taste – sure to be an unforgettable experience.



Stuffy, stiff atmosphere? Not with us! We make sure your conference is a success. We make room for communication, training and networking in an inspiring atmosphere.



Our customers are as varied as life itself. Discover, experience and relax as we take you into another world, and guarantee activities perfectly suited to your target group and goals.

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Berlin incoming

Our team is made up of born-and-bred Berliners and newcomers, and can just as easily ride the waves of Berlin’s trends as peacefully enjoy the dignified, traditional side of city life. Structure, knowledge and experience make us your perfect partner for planning an event in the German capital!


Guest management

From invitations and online registration checks to advance support and welcoming guests on site – you can play the laid-back host as we take the reins! Our professional management will make your guests feel right at home.

Medienhafen Dsseldorf - Deutschland

Dusseldorf incoming

As natives from our region, we have a true local sense for our state capital and know its extraordinary sites. The city of fashion, culture and the media provides many exciting places for all kinds of events. Let yourself be guided by our Dusseldorf event managers and take advantage of their business relations and experiences.

Grand opening, cutting red ribbon

Inaugurations & anniversaries

Let yourself or your project be celebrated! Whether it comes to inaugurate a new location or valuing years of success – we know the perfect setting that gives the right expression to the importance of your event.

We have a first-class network and cover all aspects and needs of your event reliably


Side programme

Perfectly suited to the occasion, impressive to the guests and reasonable for the budget. Simply put: everything about the event has to work. We not only take care of the ‘main event’, but also the elements that complement it, making sure that your guests remember your event for years to come. From exclusive city tours and sporting activities to helicopter trips, we use our experience, local knowledge and extensive network to ensure that the entertainment fits the event. You can rest assured that we’ll offer your guests something that will brighten the mood.



In the right place at the right time, and with the right quality. Relaxed operation with a reliable, experienced partner, as you can only enjoy an event when organisation and event logistics are in trustworthy hands. Our event managers will take on planning in the run-up to your event for you, and coordinate logistics during the event, so your guests, catering, decorations, technology and staff are always in the right place at the right time. This security not only makes your guests feel good, but you as well.



Know what’s going on where. For us, picking the right location plays an integral role. It depends entirely on the target group that you want to reach with your event, or that you want your event to speak to. Regardless of what suits your company – our event managers will be happy to advise you. An event in a bare minimalist room can be as perfect as a majestic ballroom or a stylish studio atmosphere. Or maybe you want to offer your guests a meeting in the great outdoors? Let us help you decide!



Artists and presenters can add a significant edge to your event. Awaken feelings, create surprise and excitement. Simply put: let your event be unique! Selecting the right entertainment can make or break your event. As part of our event services, our event managers will advise you and will be happy to support you with professional artists and high-end entertainment programmes from our extensive portfolio. Put your trust in our experience and network!



Fresh, appetising and different. The right food and drinks can make any event memorable. Our catering partners in Berlin and Dusseldorf have been working with us for years. From tasty treats to a varied buffet or extravagant 5-course menu – we place great importance on high-quality food and drink to suit the event perfectly. If you’re looking for a special culinary experience, let our team’s experiences inspire you, or try for yourself – we’re always happy to arrange a tasting.


Hotel management

From invitations, registration checks, hotel recommendations and bookings to welcoming guests – we are the perfect hosts for your event. We know which hotels are right for you and your event, whether you want a classic, elegant hotel or a modern, extravagant ambiance. As one of Berlin’s top event agencies, we have good relationships with 5-star hotels and can rely on good service at the best prices for our partners so you can get the most out of your event.


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