Our guest management – love at first click!

From designing and sending invitations, online registration checks and advance support to welcoming guests on site.

Comprehensive support, guaranteed

We use the information collected to create an essential overview, so we can plan travel from A to Z to meet all necessary requirements, and so that each and every participant can sit back and enjoy their journey. We’re of the opinion that overall success is made up of lots of happy guests!

Garantiert umfassend betreut

Anhand der gesammelten Daten erhalten wir ebenfalls eine essentielle Übersicht und können die Reise von „A“ wie Abflughafen bis „Z“ wie Zufriedenheit gemäß allen Anforderungen planen und dafür sorgen, dass sich jeder Teilnehmer fallen lassen und die Reise genießen kann. Denn wir sind davon überzeugt, dass ein gelungenes Gesamtergebnis aus vielen einzelnen zufriedenen Gästen resultiert!

Two examples of events with guest management that we have successfully implemented for our customers

Guest management


A superlative event in the colourful city on Canada’s west coast for the company’s top 20 employees and their partners. Our guest management team used online registration as the perfect tool to personally meet our guests, work out their preferences and come up with something to suit them.

Guest management

Ebner Stolz

Organising an event for 100 employees and their partners can be challenging – or easy. Like the event for Ebner Stolz. GPM’s very own guest management tool triumphs again!

The cooperation with the team of GPM is well structured and takes place in a relationship of trust. We look forward to organize more events with them!

Matthias Retzki, CEO Culpepper


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