Your DMC in Berlin

The new, the old, and always the best. Some event locations have been part of Berlin for decades, others are shiny and new. We have known and loved this city for more than 20 years. We have the perfect network of operators and suppliers, including the best hotels in town, so we can give our clients the chance to take advantage of our special deals.

DMC Berlin

In Berlin, we have the pick of the bunch. Our city is more multifaceted than almost any other location, and Berlin’s diversity gives us as local DMC countless possibilities when planning special events for our clients. In order to get to know this city’s unique flair, the symbiosis of rustic urbanity and sophisticated exclusivity, you either need a lot of time or a partner that knows how to make this character accessible in a small amount of time, resulting in an unforgettable experience.

The best contacts in the capital

Through our many years of successful work, we have developed top contacts and can come up with a binding package to suit your needs in no time. Nothing is impossible in Berlin, and we know it like the back of our hand. We share some of our experience and tips you should consider when planning an event in Berlin at our Event Agency Berlin site. We are your eyes and ears in Berlin and we create goal-oriented corporate events.


Max Factor (P&G)

Gala, convention, party. The message: higher, more beautiful, further, discover new horizons and facets of Berlin with Max Factor. The combination  of experiences culminated in the visit of the TOP testimonial of the brand, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Actief Iterim

Experience Berlin – exciting, surprising and informative for 270 participants. This task required a local network, knowledge and experience to impress the whole group but also take individual interests into account.

We took on GPM for our Berlin Conference on the recommendation of the people at the Hotel Adlon. They told us that Olaf Thiel was always on site during events and generally "on the case". It turned out to be exactly as they had said. The business side of the conference went smoothly, and our member CEO's were happy. For the social programme we were looking for something a bit different. Olaf came up withe an impromptu organ recital in the Cathedral: a memorable moment, and still talking point in various parts of the world!

Tom Sackville, CEO International Federation of Health Plans


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