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For more than 20 years, GPM LiveMarketing has been one of Berlin's premier event-planning agencies. With specialization in conferences, conventions, and galas, we aim to make your event an unforgettable experience.

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The GPM event agency also plans and carries out international productions, so we are very familiar with the big European cities and have a good comparison. Berlin offers many different and diverse locations compared to other European countries. This was caused by the unique history of the city. Due to the division of Berlin many places were in the throes of dormancy especially in east Berlin and most of it was only rediscovered and brought back to life after the fall of the wall.
In the first search for a suitable location, our DMC Berlin pays special attention to the following points:

  • Number of guests
  • Type of event (gala, informal evening, tribute, party)
  • If possible: definition of goals. What feeling or with what message should the guests be introduced? What part of the event should be utmost remembered?
  • existing Features such as technology, furniture, stage, kitchen, etc.
  • Budget
    Please note: Depending on the budget, there are locations that we can customize for you from the fork to the loudspeaker. There are also outstanding locations where the furniture and catering is part of the house and therefore cheaper.
  • Location (esp. distance to the residence of the guests)
  • Style - here Berlin has a lot to offer:
    Starting historical, such as the Schlütersaal or Museum of Communication to modern, the Axica at Pariser Platz or U5 Tunnel at Potsdamer Platz. Industrial - such as the Classic Remise, E-Werk, Radialsystem, Motorwerk or clubs like the Spindler & Klatt and the Sage Restaurant. There are also beautiful outdoor locations such as the island of Lindwerder or the many beer gardens in the city and on the riverside of the Spree.



We would like to advise you the following tips, wehen planning the next event in Berlin:

  • Trade fair and event periods: If you are flexible in your choice of dates, first look at the Berlin trade fair & event calendar or discuss the appropriate period with us. During the Green Week (January) and the Fashion Week (January and July), the Berlinale (February), the ITB (March), the IFA (September), just to name a few of the big highlights, hotel prices in particular are significantly higher. In addition with short-term planning the selection of locations for lets say evening events is very limited. Logistics areas such as transport, catering, technology and personnel are also affected and can restrict flexibility.
  • Choice of Location: Either in the choice of the hotel and in a venue, it should be noted that Berlin has two centers due to its history. Firstly the center of Berlin, where many of the historic sights are within walking distance. Furthermore the City West invites you to shop and is much closer in the direction of the fairgrounds. So for example, if you are planning an evening event as part of a trade fair, a location in the western part of the city is recommended, as it is easier for many of your guests to reach. If you are planning a meeting or convention for example in a hotel, we would rather recommend the district Mitte, as attendees can explore the city with a short amount of time after the meeting.
  • Lead time: The longer the time frame of the planning phase is, the greater the selection and, consequently the opportunity to achieve an adequate price-performance ratio.
  • Seasons: Depending on the nature of the event, especially when activities are planned, the months of April to September are certainly better, as many activities are more fun when the weather is nice. In general, it is obvious that every city radiates more charm at pleasant temperatures than on a rainy November day. Berlin is no exception, although we can also offer great activities during the winter months.


Examples for Events in Berlin

Here you will find a selection of current corporate events and incentive trips, which we have successfully planned and implemented with and for our clients. Further examples can also be found under Services or under References.


Dallah Albaraka Holding, based in Djedah, Saudi Arabia, is made up of 80 globally active companies in various countries and cities around the world. Each year, around 80 CEOs from the individual holdings come together to exchange information at a strategy conference. This international conference in Berlin was organised by GPM LiveMarketing at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. Top level international speakers from the worlds of economics, politics and science were invited.
The closing gala took place in the Museum for Communication, where guests were entertained by a local jazz trio, an aerial silk artist, and a dance group made up of several world and European champions. Another highlight was a visit to the Porsche factory in Leipzig. Guests enjoyed test driving various models on the race track, driving the Porsche Cayenne and a one-hour factory tour with a lunch in the Porsche Museum.
A Berliner full-service event, complete with first-class networking, knowledge transfer and entertainment.

The event agency GPM LiveMarketing offers you a comprehensive support in planning and implementing your event. A conference requires a series of demanding preparatory actions, the implementation of which our event agency has optimized over the decades. Tell us your ideas and wishes - together we will create an unforgettable and unique experience.



IFHP – short for the International Federation of Health Plans – is a globally active federation based in London. Every two years, around 180 CEOs from various health insurance companies from around the world come together at the IFHP conference. The Berliner event agency GPM LiveMarketing organised the most recent conference at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. Top speakers from the worlds of international economics and politics, and scholars from renowned universities such as Harvard and Cambridge were invited. The event featured a private organ concert in the Berlin Cathedral, followed by a reception and flying buffet at the Bode Museum. The participants were also treated to an exclusive private tour through the exhibitions. This cultural programme also included a private concert with a quartet from the Berlin Philharmonic in the Berlin Philharmonic Hall.
The conference gala took place in the DZ Bank on Pariser Platz, the Axica. Guests were entertained by Sharon Brauner and her band, and a Marlene Dietrich impersonator.

A gala is not just a gala - let us convince you. Classic or experimental, conventional or creative - throughout the whole planning process our event agency will stand by your side, we will take your ideas and wishes and transform them into an outstanding and elegant event. 



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