‘Discover renewable energies’

– true to this motto, the RWE opened an info centre at the wood cogeneration plant in the Berlin district of Neukölln. Visitors can find out plenty of information about wind, water, biomass and local heating programmes in Berlin. GPM LiveMarketing was involved in the conceptional planning of the info centre, as well as the creative implementation of the centre’s opening. The main challenge was to get people involved in the environment of the power station, create transparency and clarity, and create the right atmosphere for the opening celebration itself. Another focus and aim of the event was to allow visitors to experience the topic of ‘renewable energy’ on site. Guests from the Berlin Senate and local politicians confirmed the significance of the project, and gave their approval for the info centre with the breaking of bread. 

In the meantime

the centre is now used by school groups, trainees, students and specialist groups to get informed about renewable energy. Visitors can gain interesting insights into the world of sustainable energy production and experience future technology with regular programmes.


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