Can LIVE EVENTS take place in times of COVID-19?
YES! There are possible solutions - this is our approach!

Das Unternehmen JuS

Funkhaus Berlin

The listed building complex of a former plywood factory served as a high moped, constantly expanding complex for radio productions in GDR times. From the very beginning, the Funkhaus had a production complex that was unique in the world. The recording rooms are still in great demand because they combine acoustics and design in an extraordinary way.  Each of the imposing rooms is characterised by its own charm. With its location directly on the water, the outdoor area offered an impressive ambience for all guests to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

Stars in Concert

The thrilling live show of Starts in Concert provided the optimal entertainment. The entertainment in Las Vegas style presented four world star doubles and ignited the fire in the audience. The stars George Michael, Robbi Williams, Amy Winehouse and Helene Fischer offered a unique performance in keeping with the theme of time travel, making the respective decades an emotional experience and evoking personal and collective memories in the audience.


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